Rucci Strengthcast

A Powerlifting and strength training podcast by Dan and Paul Rucci from Rucci’s Gym in Perth, Western Australia.

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The latest update on what's happening leading up to GPC Nationals. Plenty of info on the qualifying process, when invites are being sent and much more! For more info on the event visit 2022gpcnational...
May 6, 2022
Lifter burnout is real! Dan & Paul discuss the topic in detail from what it actually means, how it may present and then some of the strategies you can use to meander your way through it.
March 31, 2022
Dan answers a bunch of listener questions covering topics including the growth if powerlifting, what we love & hate about it, do calves matter and what makes our comps so different!
March 10, 2022
With the 2022 GPC Australian Powerlifting Nationals coming in September there are a lot of questions coming in from members, particularly around qualifying. In this episode, Dan covers all things Nati...
February 24, 2022
A question we get often from lifters is "what federation do I choose?", and it's a good one. With so many on offer it can be confusing to say the least. In this episode Dan discusses the major feds we...
February 18, 2022
Ego is a part of lifting. In this episode we introduce our new coach Johnny and discuss ego and how it relates to training, competition and progress.
February 3, 2022
In this episode Dan and Vinh discuss how to become successful in 2022 by setting goals and developing good quality habits.
January 6, 2022
Dan and Paul discuss the journey Paul undertook and the obstacles overcome in the road to this years ICN Season A show where Paul was crowned the Mens Physique Champion.
April 16, 2021
Dan and Paul interview Adam Beard the Director of High Performance at the Chicago Cubs discussing the journey through his career and some insights in to professional sport in the US and the difference...
May 24, 2020
The first interview on the Rucci Strengthcast with Callan Gibbons, local WA lifter and coach. Talking all things Powerlifting!
April 22, 2020

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